Updated: march 2017

Changes will be marked with: CHANGED!

  • 1. GENERAL

    1.1.Participants: minimum age for participation is 16 years at the moment of the race;

    1.2. Declaration: participants will sign a declaration to declare to be in good health and conditions and are responsible for having a sufficient insurance;

    1.3. Cancellation: withdrawl more than 4 weeks before the race start: 50% refund. Later: no refund. Withdrawal must be sent by email and is only accepted after confirmation by organization by email. It is permitted to hand over your registration to another participant or team.



    2.1. Section: part of the race in which a certain discipline is required;

    2.2 Transition-area(TA): temporary race-base location with organization staff where teams change discipline. TA’s are to be passed chronological order. Only bicycles, water bottles and small repairkit are allowed te be left behind at a TA (no shoes & helmet);

    2.3. Checkpoint (CP): point to be passed by complete teams in any order (unless mentioned otherwise) between Transition Area’s (TA’s).
    CP’s can be recognized by red-white plastic ribbon, colored confetti on the ground and a Pouch of SportIdent device. This pouch/device can be found within a radius of two meters from the red-white plastic ribbon. In case of a missing CP report this at the next TA. When missing CP is confirmed by the organization the CP will be cancelled!;

    2.4. Pouch/SportIdent device: Pouch which presses codes into your checkpoint card or is memorized to your SportIdent stick;

    2.5 Opening and Cut-off times TA:

    Opening-time TA: time when you may arrive at TA. The TA will only be opened earlier if the team has all CP’s (from the start of the race up to that moment);
    Cut-offf time TA: time when you must have left the Transition Area, Special Task or closing time of the Finish!;

    2.6. Racebib: race jacket with team number and logo. To be worn visible and returned after race;

    2.7 Support: during the race teams are responsible for their own food, material, drinks etc. Teams are not allowed to accept any help, transport or support from supporter’s or other people during the race;

    2.8 Behavour: you are a guest in this area. Take notice of other people on the racetrack, leave no rubbish, respect the nature and stay on the paths at all times.



    3.1. Trekking & orientation running: when dark headlight must be switched on at all times!;
    3.2. Mountain biking: always wear a bicycle helmet during cycling. During darkness teams must carry a white front light (on bike or headlight) and back red light (on bike or backpack). Towing team mate is allowed (not downhill);

    3.3. Run & Bike: teams use one bicycle. Both team members need to wear a helmet when cycling. Team members don’t have to stay together during this leg but must arrive at CP’s together. Only one team member on a bicycle. Towing is allowed (not downhill).

    3.4. Kayak/canoeing: in case of kajak and/or canoeing stages both participants should be able to swim.


    4.1. Ranking: there will be two categories.

    A. PRO 2 (two person team);
    B. PRO 4 (four person team, any formation: M, F, M/F);
    B. CHALLENGER (same as PRO 2 but including minimum 4  hours and maximum 6 hours sleep)

    Ranking method for both categories:

    1. amount of TA’s;
    2. amount of CP’s;
    3. amount of BP’s (bonus points);
    4. total race time.

    4.2. Penalties:

    Transition Area’s: TA cut off times are leading. Leaving a TA after cut off time will resolve in distraction of  one CP every 10 minutes. The TA will be close 30 minutes after the cut off time. In case of arrival later than 30 minutes after the closing time you must inform the organization.

    Material: you have to carry everything with you: helmet and bicycle shoes when not on the bicycle. Yo are allowed to leave drinking bottles and a small bicycle repairkit (so not a bicycle bag/panner etc). Don’t forget there will also be a run&bike section. One running and one cycling, probably switching.

    We will hand out penalties according according to the following rules:

    • 1st penalty: 1,5 hours extra time added or immediate disqualification when required and depending on the circumstances;
    • 2nd penalty: substraction 2 CP’s;
    • 3rd penalty: disqualification;
    • If your 2nd penalty is the same as the first (both racers on 1 bike during the Run&Bike section) you will be disqualified directly.

    Reasons for penalties can be: leaving the road, missing obligated equipment, leaving late at a TA, not using the compulsory road crossing locations, not arriving at a CP together, not moving together within a responsible distance. 

    4.3. Withdrawal: the organization has the right to (temporarily) withdraw a participant or team. In case of voluntary withdrawal the team must inform the organization directly. The team will not be allowed back into the race. It’s not the organization first priority to bring teams to the finish. New teams are allowed to be formed but will not officially race. A participant is not allowed to race solo.

    4.5. Complaints: complaints can be submitted to the organization until 30 min after the finish deadline.


    5.1 Race admittance: teams have to pay race fee and sign a risk declaration prior to racing;

    5.2: Stick together: teams must stick together during the race. Teams may not race and stick together. If they do so they risk being disqualified or set apart for a certain amount of time;

    5.3 Help: in case of accidents or other emergency’s help other teams at all times;

    5.4 TA: never skip a TA without informing the organization

    5.5  Equipment: carry mandatory equipment all times. During the race you will be checked. Missing equipment will lead to extraction of points or to disqualification;

    5.6. Emergency protocol: (accident, severe illness etc.): printed on the race map;

    5.7 Equipment: see checklist. We will not check your equipment prior to the race;

    5.8 Roads on the map marked with )  ( are the only location you may cross this road!
    Check additional info at the bottom of this page.


    Forbidden equipment:

    • Maps which are not provided by the organization;
    • GPS devices (watches an phones) for tracking. However: in order to check your route after the race and without uploaded maps a GPS-Smartphone is allowed. You should inform the organization at the registration. This device must be sealed before the race and unsealed when finishing by the organization. Also read the equipment information page.


  • We will not show witch roads are forbidden. We will only show where you are allowed to cross a road. We use two brackets: )  (.You are only allowed to cross the road between these brackets, so the “x” between the brackets and not the “z”: ……….z……..) x ( ……..z………Below some examples:




  • A:  Straight and inmediate crossing;
  • B. Crossing the road using some length of the road;
  • C. Passing a town.During the race you are a common user of the road. All traffic rules apply to all users. There are no exemptions.