• Non-stop and self supporting adventure race (no support, gearbag for CHALLENGER category);
  • 32 hours non stop (obligitary 4-6 hours rest for CHALLENGER);
  • There are three categories: PRO, PRO-4 & CHALLENGER category;
  • The race exists of 5 Transition Area’s and 11 sections;
  • Official language: German/English;
  • Briefing language. English.


  • PRO: 2 members (any combination of genders allowed);
  • Team composition PRO-4 (any combination of genders allowed);
  • CHALLENGER: 2 members (any combination of genders allowed).


The CHALLENGER race course is the same as the PRO and PRO-4 race course. The difference is the obligitary rest periode of minimum 4 and maximum 6 hours. The race is only different in time and special arrangements have been made for resting and receiving a gearbag. For this reason the registration fee will be the same as the PRO category.


During the race long & short sections are planned.

Rolling hills and short steep climbs. And of course some bike-pushing and maybe some carrying.

The main key to succes. 1:33.000 topgrafical and 1:20.000 orienteering maps.

Compass orienteering
Navigate on a mostly blanc map using your compass and counting steps.

Share one mountainbike without using it at the same time. Communication is the keyword, you don’t want to lose your race partner in the dark forests at night.

Short canoeing section, to rest the legs for a short time. You will carry one mountainbike on the canoe. Bring some bands to tighten the bicycle to the canoe.

Special Tasks
This year there is one archery tasks. We have no suitable locations for rope sections for which we can get permits or which fit into the race.