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Location (check map)Category
Friday April 20th
19.00 – 21.00A. RegistrationAALL
B. Hand in gearbagAPRO
C. Hand in gear backpackACHALLENGER
21.30 – 22.30Briefing teamsD
Saturday April 21nd
04.00Start of raceE
Sunday April 22nd
12.00Race cut-offBergtheaterOn race map
15.00Race snackA
15.30Prize giving ceremonyA
16.30Closing of the eventA


This edition has 5 Transition Area’s;
The TA´s will have opening times, as well as cut-off/closing times:
Opening-time TA: time when you may arrive at TA. The TA will only be opened earlier if the team has all CP’s (from the start orf the race up to that moment);
Cut-offf time TA: time when you must have left the Transition Area or closing time of the Finish!.

Finish 2018: Bergtheater Thale