• The organization racebase and the start&finish of the race will be in the town of Thale.
  • The racebase will not be at a camping of other accommodation facility. You will need to organize your overnight stay yourself;
  • Parking only with a permit.



  • A. Gearbag (PRO)  & Gearbackpack (CHALLENGER) hand-in, race registration & closing ceremony (Sunday).Gemeindehaus
    Walter Rathenau Strasse 5
    06502 ThaleDo not park on the sidewalk. Drive on to the end of the street for free parking. >
    Parking only with a permit.
  • B. Briefing location: Stadtverwaltung Thale
    Rathausplatz 1
    06502 Thale  Germany
  • C. Parking (at own risk):End of Walter Rathenau Strasse
  • D. Start & Finish location / return Bicycle after transport from TA 7Park at Petri church


  • Keep in mind that you can’t park for free everywhere in Thale. You can park your car at your own risk at the parking grounds at the end of the Walther-Rathenau-Straße 5. This is at the bottem of the downhill track for mountainbiking. Location C (map);
  • Parking during registering (no parking on the sidewalk): parking at Bode Thermal Thale (Parkstraße 4/ round the corner) of  free parking at the end of Walter Rathenau Strasse;
  • Parking during briefing: 200 meters east of the Rathaus you can park for free at the Shopping mall and supermarket.


  • In the Stadtverwaltung Thale (Rathaus) the briefing will be in the conference room (follow the signs). You can enter the buillding at the south entrance;
  • After the opening the Mayer of the Town will welcome you. Following all need to know information is given;
  • At the end of the briefing you are allowed to ask questions.