Teams should arrange there own place of stay. You can stay at Kloster camping if you want a place to camp. There are many other possibilities to be find on the internet.


  • You can visit one of Thale’s restaurants before and/or after the race;
  • After the race those who have also registered will receive the hARz after race snack and a drink. If you haven’t ordered this snack or need to order more please let us know before Thursday April 5th.


  • Water will available or supplied at least at TA 2 (restaurant), TA 4, TA5. All other is extra;
  • Food can be bought at various locations on the route;
  • At TA_ we offer some drinks and snacks (it’s a small treat, not an all-you-can-eat oppertunity).All teams:We will provide a simple and small (±30×40 cm) gearbag for every 2 persons for extra drinks, food, clothing etc. A the registration you will receive this gearbag in which you can put anything you like. Everything needs to fit in this bag.  You will find your gearbag at TA _ (you may not leave anything behind).  You need to hand in the gearbag after registering.Gear backpack (CHALLENGER ONLY)All CHALLENGER teams must bring one strong/closeable bag containing 2 mattresses and 2 sleeping bags. You will get it at TA_ for your 4-6 hours rest. After resting the gearbags will remain at TA_.You need to hand in the gearbackpack after registering.